Tactics for Wildlife Removal

More Tactics for Wildlife Removal in Georgia

woodpeckerIn the State of Georgia, the weather gets very hot and humid. There are swamps, tall trees, wetlands, marsh, and landscapes where wildlife can roam around. Georgia weather is mostly warm all year long, and there is an abundance of wildlife like- Birds, water moccasins, snakes, alligators, turtles, beavers, geese, wild hogs, woodpeckers, skunks, otters, pigeons, porcupines, weasels, muscovy, and other wildlife who are known to raid nest and hunt for food and eggs. Raccoons leave the woods and search for breeding, hang around homes seeking food from garbage cans and hiding in attics.

Individuals also have to keep an open mind, that if they own small pets, or any type of pet, they can draw other animals to come around. Also if you live near any body of water, alligators and snakes lounge around in these areas. Many wildlife like squirrels, opossum, rats and raccoons raid trash cans and steal pet food. These animals also can live in your chimney, especially bats. Squirrels chew on electrical wires and wood, and opossum are often found under the porch of most homes. Bat infestations are dangerous because they enjoy eating insects and carry rabies.

In addition to animal removal, some companies also deodorize your home- off entry points, so animals cannot re-enter your home. They also replace insulation with an energy efficient new type of insulation. Most common removal calls for animal removal in crawl spaces and in attics are- bats, squirrels, raccoons, and snakes. In the winter, there is always an increase in rat and squirrel problems. You can help deter animals from crawling around your home, by trimming tree branches, removing bird feeders, and stock piling wood away from your home.

raccoonYou must also remember to not leave trash or pet food outdoors. Make sure everything is sealed tight around your home. If you hear noises in the walls, the attic or under the floors of your home, don’t ignore it- because there could be a potential bigger problem of infestation or damage the structure and foundation of your home. Due to the expansion of the suburbs in Atlanta, and increased population- there is a myriad of wildlife that are connected to streams and the forest. Some of these pest are harmless, but others can pose a threat- and you will need a professional service to help control and offer solutions that will inspect and make recommendation to keep these animals away from your home or business.